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Mazes, mazes, and more mazes! Mazes for children, mazes for adults, mazes with multiple starts, mazes with many solutions, mazes with dead ends, mazes with underpasses, and mazes with overpasses. It gives me great pleasure to share my hand drawn original artwork with so manny others.

Welcome to Maze Craze

Welcome to Maze Craze

Finding your way through these original designs takes much more than the average mind.

A real challenge for all ages and exceptional abilities! With a variety of concepts; single and multiple starts and finishes, mazes with dead-ends and mazes utilizing a new concept of overpasses and underpasses with no dead-ends. Your patience and durability will be tested. Truly not for the weak of heart or easily frustrated.


Upcoming Changes

Come back often to find out what new features and mazes we offer.

Join Maze Craze and look for posters, t-shirts, and other maze surprises in upcoming months just for our members.


Makes Great
Gifts and Prizes

Maze CrazeLast minute gift!

Many hours of enjoyment year round for your youngsters, teens, and adults alike
for only $4.00 a year!

Get Your Mind Into A Maze

Maze CrazeGet your mind off your problems, and into a maze. Does your homework have you stressed, maybe your boss is breathing down your neck, or the kids just spilled grape juice on the carpet? Take a break! A real break, not one of those breaks where you sit down and evaluate your problems, until you develop an ulcer. Get your mind off the stress-and Get into a maze! You will be wondering why you never thought to try this before.

Custom Mazes

Custom mazes to fit your business needs for advertisement and marketing. Click here for more information!


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